As one of the famous beauty consumables supplier in the world, Shanghai Timever is an experienced integrated enterprise which includes the reseach and development, production ,sales and skills training in China.

HOT products
  • 19G Cog with W Cannula

    The 19G V-Lifting thread is upgraded version of 4G PDO Lifting Thread. It uses cannula type needle in order to avoid buises and swelling. The introduction of this product enabled replacement of conventional lifting surgery with non surgical lifting treatment.Which means there is no need for incision but lifting effect is guaranteed. When The UP L/C is inserted in SMAS layer. It accelerates collagen systhesis to improve skin elasticity and provides lifting to sagging skin. The UP is ideal for lifting in facial area and is recommended to be inserted in or under the SMAS layer. ...

  • PDO Cog Screw 21G

    Cog is made of polydioxanone thread which has barbd on the surface. It can help to hold tissues tightly in the SMAS layer. ...

  • PCL Eyes Thread

    The Eye thread is assembled with thread of USP 6/0 and is used for curing dark circle/fat layer/sagging skin in infraorbital area. This product also shows excellent effect in removal of fine wrinkles in infraorbital area. Due to easy visibility of bruise and swelling around the eye, The Eye thread adopted needle of cannula type. So it results in much less pain and bruises while reducing the wrinkles. The Noon resolves the aging symptoms like sagging skin, lacrimal groove, wrinkle in infraorbital area. This product is to be inserted in the epidermis under the eye. ...

  • PDO Multi Thread

    Multi Thread,also known as liquid filling thread,it is composed of 8 pcs mono thread,it woll be change to 16 pcs after folded. An explosion line is equivalent to 16 smooth lines. The thread is powerful and effective stimulation of skin tissue collagen regeneration,but also effective removal of wrinkles,slow down the aging sagging speed. It's effeciency for filled with Decree,Chuanzi pattern etc. ...


      Timever has always adhered to the product idea of the users (departments) demand-oriented, is the initiator and leader of the concept “specialized product, specialized usage” in the field of beauty.
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